SF TILEFIX ADHESIVE is a ready to use adhesive, ensures excellent bonding with concrete, plastered and even on ceramic and mosaic tile surface. And ensures perfect water tightness .it can further be used for fixing of tile on tile.


  •  Excellent quality prepack product for tiles fixing.
  • Excellent adhesive can be use for tile on tile.
  •  Excellent waterproofing characteristic.
  •  Easy to use.


Specification Clause
SF TILEFIX ADHESIVE is ready to use ceramic tile adhesive packed in 25kg bag with coverage area of 5-8mm with 3-4mm recommended thickness.
Technical Properties

1 Pot Life 45 minutes at 30oC
2 Compressive Strength 40N/mm2(1day at 30Oc,70N/MM2(7DAYS AT 30Oc
3 Tensile Strength Tensile Strength
4 Application Temperature 30 0C
5 Drying/Curing times Touch dry after 4-6 hours at 30 0C. Hard dry after 10-12 hours at 30 0C. Full chemical resistance 7 days.

All surfaces must be sound and cleaned before applying SF TILEFIX ADHESIVE. All traces of greases or oil must be removed. SF TILEFIX ADHESIVE can be applied directly on concrete, cement screeds, cement, lime mortars and existing tiles.
SF Tilefix adhesive should be mixed with water in the ratio of 3:1 by volume. Water can be reduced or increased slightly to increase required consistency. A slow speed drill fitted with a suitable mixing paddle is recommended. Hand mixing may be allowed if drill/paddle is not available.Remove excess adhesive with a damp both before material has set. Joint grouting may be commenced 24 hours after tiles have been laid.