SF ROCKHARD is a ready to use cementations system with special fillers industrial floor admixture, for factory controlled dry shake cementations system for high abrasion, wear resistance and additives with the purpose of high performance workability. SF ROCKHARD is use for dense, tough, scratch resistant industrial floor with non dusty and nonslip characteristics. 12mm thick SF ROCDHARD is recommended for an extremely heavy duty floor.

– Non dusty, nonslip characteristic and scratch resistant surface.
-Resistant to penetration of oil, water etc.
– unbreakable bond with the base concrete.
-Ready to use, factory controlled, save time as Eliminates on site mixing.
– Easy to clean.
-Long life with low maintenance,

Specification Clause

SF ROCKHARD is a dry shake, hard wearing abrasion resistant floor hardener, having sprinkling rate 2.5kg/m2-12kg/m2, provided in 25kg Pack. Giving compressive strength 800 kg/cm2 at 28th day, who’s scale hardness is between 8- 9 scale & abrasion resistance compared to groan by over 200%.

Method of Applying
The base concrete should have minimum cement content of 300 kg/m3 with low slump of 40-60mm.


The base concrete must be laid in accordance with good concrete practice wither in bays or long strip. Particular care must be taken at the corners and edges of the bays to obtain good compaction and to maintain level for subsequent trowel operations. If too much of free water is seen on the surface, water content in subsequent concrete must be reduced to obviate the presence of free water.

The time of the application is very important in order to derive full benefits of SF ROCKHARD.If it is applied too early; it will absorb water hard wearing aggregate may sink to the bottom. If application of SF ROCKHARD is delayed, no moisture from the concrete surface will be available to hydrate SF ROCKHARD,
resulting in poor pitted surface. As a guide, the application should be made between 1 hours-1.5 Hours.i.e when surface water on concrete is COMPLETELY EVAPORATED. (when tested with thumb, it leaves an impression but concrete does not stick to the thumb). The application rate is 5kg/m2 of SF ROCKHARD

(1)The application is made in two stages, First 50% of the required material is broadcast evenly and when the surface darkens with the absorption of water, the surface is floated.
(2)The second application is made immediately by evenly broadcasting the balance 50% material and when the surface has darkened with the absorption of water, the surface is floated. Power floating would be ideal. Floating is recommended with half of full disc. The second troweling is done after the surface has sufficiently stiffened i.e. after two hours after the first troweling, to close any pores and remove any undulations on the surface. Final hand trowelling is recommended to remove any disc marks.

After final trowelling, as soon as the surface has hardened sufficiently, to prevent damage, it should be covered with a polythene sheet and made air tight by placing sand all round the sheet for a minimum period of 7 day. Alternatively curing by ponding is recommended for a minimum 7 days.

Packing &Coverage

SF ROCKHARD is provided in 25kgs bag. SF ROCKHARD is a dry shake Floor Hardener, sprinkling rate 2.5kg/m2 to 12kg/m2.