SF fastset admixture is a chloride based accelerating admixture which is use for increasing the early strength development. It gives additional frost protection by reducing water content and accelerating hydration of cement. SF fastset admixture ensures accelerating the setting time of plain cement concrete for early development of strength confirming existing norms.

-Accelerates the setting time of concrete.
-Improves high early strength.
-Early setting improves frost resistance.
-Increases the rate of strength development.
-Resistance to freezing in cold weather concreting

– Ideal for making hollow blocks and concrete bricks
– It can be used to concreting in cold weathers.
– It can be used for providing increased resistance to frost damage during construction of hollow blocks. Cab be used for P.C.C Works.

Specification Clause
SF FASTSET ADMIXTUER is a chloride based accelerating admixture used in plain cement concrete for early development of strength. Confirm to existing norms. The optimum dosage rate is 500ml – 1 ltr/50 kg bag of cement, typical properties are :-
5G = 1.37 ± 0.05
pH = >6
solid content = 40%

Technical Properties

1 Physical appearance Slightly yellowish liquid
2 Specific Gravity 1.36 ± 0.015
3 Solid Content 40% ± 2%

Shelf Life & Storage
12 months storage life when stored in original unopened container at between 5 oC to 45 oC in a dry and shaded place.
Packing & Dosage
1, 5,10,50,20 & 250 KGS
The optimum dosage is best determined by site trial. The dosage rate is 500 ml to 1 ltr per 50 kgs of cement.

-Shake the container of SF FASTSET ADMIXTURE properly.
– Pour SF FASTSET ADMIXTURE in cylinder up to the level which is required as per the dosage recommended. Due to rigorous shaking of admixture, air bubbles are formed in it, so in measuring cylinder, read the lower meniscus of admixture while taking sample.
– Bucket or container must be rinsed with water in which the water is to be taken for making the concrete.
-Then take calculated amount of water in bucket and take water in breaker of 200ml from the bucket carefully without splashing of water.
-Add measured amount of SF FASTSET ADMIXTURE from measuring cylinder to water cylinder with water in breaker and add the washed water in bucket to avoid the loss of admixture which stick inside the walls of cylinder.
-Add the remaining water, if any, in breaker to the bucket.
-Mix the admixture properly in water.
-If electrically operated mixer machine is used for making concrete before using the machine wash the drum of machine with water in such a way that all particles which is sticking on the sides of drum, be washed off.
-After washing of mixture buttering is done. In buttering, cement mortar proportion 1;1 is mixed with water of flowing consistency and it is added in drum and drum is allowed to spread in entire drum excess mortar is removed off.
-Add coarse aggregate of 20mm first in drum followed by 10mm aggregate and sand. Rotate the mixture for 1 min for dry mixing of aggregates.
-After dry mixing of aggregates, add cement into drum and allow it to rotate for 1 min for dry mixing of cement, and coarse aggregates.
-Add calculated amount of water admixed with SF FASTSET ADMIXTURE into dry mix of concrete. Allow mixer to rotate at least for two minutes. After proper mixing of concrete, it is ready to use for concreting work.
Health & Safe;
SF FASTSET ADMIXTURE is non –hazardous. It should not be swallowed or allowed to come into contact with skin or eyes. Suitable protective goggles and gloves should be worn. In the case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. If swallowed, seek medical attention immediately, do not induce vomiting.